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Global demand is turning for products with optimized characteristics: Strength – lightness – aesthetic – ecofriendship…

Research and innovations have to be driven by these high expectations of consumers.

Your are a leading brand or manufacturer and you want to diversify your range of products to innovate toward good design and sustainable development?


To sustain our activities in the long run, the Jute Lab is counting on the support of individuals and organizations.


You can proceed to an online secured payment or you can send a cheque to Jute Lab – Gold of Bengal Kerambart 56190 Muzillac FRANCE. 

Notice that the Jute Lab is part of Gold of Bengal, a French association that benefit from the status of “general interest”. We are able to deliver fiscal receipt for French citizens and companies that pay taxes in France. 

> If you ou are an individual: You will enjoy a 66% deduction (For example, if you give 100€, it will cost you only 34€. In the same way, if you give 50€/month, it will cost you only17,60€/month). If you are a company: You will enjoy a 60% deduction. 

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You can also support the Gold of Bengal NGO, the parent association

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 Discover the origin of he Jute Lab and the construction of the first boat made of jute : Buy the book of the « Tara tari Expedition » – French 
 20 € 
Buy ``Tara Tari``
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 Buy online an old sea map from the shipyards of Chittagong Bangladesh signed by the team! 
 50 € 
Buy a GOB Sea map


The Jute Lab is running for more than 5 years thanks to the support of men and women from different backgrounds.
You have competencies in research – textile – mechanic – fundraising – communication…
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Jute Lab, a Gold of bengal Project

Gold of Bengal is an association under the French 1901 law whose mission is the research, the development and promotion of technical solutions that answer general interest issues while valuing the local expertise and environment.  
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