Since 2010, Gold of Bengal NGO has been implementing its Jute Lab program between France and Bangladesh



The Lab is run by a core of 8 young minds with varied backgrounds, from engineering to communication. With a panel of specialist partners, we are developing a unique expertise in the local jute sector as well as the global composite know-how.


Research & Development

Jute fibers variety evaluation and selection, sector and agricultural practices analysis

Development of special jute reinforcements for composite applications, adaptation of the production processes

> Material characterization and life cycle analysis

> Conception of innovative and reproducible composite production processes adapted to local know-how and tools

> Improvement of composite manipulation practices to ensure workers security and health


Promotion and education

Presentation of the Jute Lab program and innovations. Expeditions, medias, showrooms and conferences

> Research publication and relay of information

> Edition of websites, brochures, data sheets, videos.


The Jute Lab is the first program able to link jute and composite industries.

We answer the demand of brands, manufacturers and researchers, from the sourcing of the raw material to the production of final products prototypes.

Materials sourcing

Securing the supply security 

> Commodity evaluation and selection: raw jute and reinforcements

> Supplier selection based on our ethical criteria

> Quality control




Textile products development

Ensuring the product development, industrialization and marketing 

> Technical and market studies. Definition of product specifications

> Co-development of jute reinforcements and innovative production processes

> Materials characterization and quality control

> Identification of production partners and/or clients. Supervision of the commercial relationships.


Production of prototypes & mini-series

Performing the conception of final products 

> Definition of product specifications. Technical, design and cost studies

> Conceptualization of innovative composite processes

> Production of prototypes and mini-series and/or identification of production partners for items mass production.


You are an innovative actor from the textile or composite sectors and you want to diversify your range of products?


ZOOM ON : CPHD-Composite Fiber, a local social business specialized in Jute Fibers for composite applications

The Jute-lab is host in Atrochi,Bangladesh by CPHD-Composite Fiber , a local industry to whom the team has transfered the Pàt technology in 2015. This product (See data sheet) is the a first exemple of a successful collaboration between the Jute Lab and a bangladeshi manufacturer. CPHD-Composite Fiber can supply a large range of products available in Bangladesh, from raw jute to  special reinforcements…

composite fiber

You want a personalize product adapted to your technical and marketing requirements?

The lab is able to run technical and marketing studies to help you define product specifications that will best answer to your needs. We can take care of the product development and mass production as well as the quality control at each stage of the production line, from the raw material and/or jute textile to the final composite good.


Commitment to the initial objectives

>  Critical selection of projects

>  Regular assessment of social and ecological impacts of the activities

>  Adaptation to the local culture and existing expertise

Ensuring win-win relationships

>  Ensuring the professional and personal development of the Franco-Bangla team

>  Helping our partners to improve their work environment (techno-social and security standards) and guaranteeing autonomy

Acting with transparency

>  Ensuring the traceability of materials

>  Clear and honest communication


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Jute Lab, a Gold of bengal Project

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